SSVM School of Excellence provides the best of facilities for the all-round growth of the students.

This convenient and accessible campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for families seeking quality education.

Our campus is monitored with over 80 CCTV cameras with Ex-Military Personnel as our security team creating a safe and secure atmosphere.

At the centre of our campus is an aesthetically restored lower and primary building accommodating spacious classrooms with interactive LED boards, playrooms for the early years, child-friendly kindergarten classrooms, and a virtual recording studio. In addition, the Devdan Arena, a well-equipped, spacious and air-conditioned auditorium is situated alongside the school library, language lab with speaking tree, 3D Design & Printing lab, and the computer lab.

Intuitive Smart Classrooms and Labs

The secondary & senior secondary block is a fully-equipped building with spacious classrooms includes LED boards, houses science labs, a music room, a math lab, a fine arts studio, and a hydroponics lab. The purpose-built virtual recording studio has cutting-edge composition gear and a green screen recording facility.

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