Sports and Physical Wellbeing

With extensive outdoor facilities and a variety of sports activities, students will experience a flourishing sporting life here at School of Excellence. We believe that our students must have the opportunity to engage in a competitive and recreational sport as well as cultivate the true spirit of sportsmanship.

From the most talented to the least confident, we see to it that each child realizes his/her potential for the benefit of competitive sport. Our dedicated and talented coaching team will emphasize the importance of supporting and encouraging each student. Students can choose from a wide array of sport including Tennis, Archery, Football, Basketball and many others.

Celebrating The Arts

SSVM School of Excellence has abundant musical opportunities – drama, music, and dance are hugely important, as much as traditional academic pursuits.

Every individual pupil is encouraged to enrich and heighten the creative aspect of their mind and to be highly involved in the performing arts. Many student ensembles and groups will participate in performance opportunities both within school concerts and competitions where they can truly shine and find their artistic identity.

Our Four Frontiers

At our School of Excellence, we emphasize on qualities that foster leadership and a ‘winning attitude’ mentality. We make them touch the peak in everything they do. We teach everyone to be responsible leaders. All the four houses are unique yet have a common ideology in their titles to provide a sense of equality & distinctiveness.


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