Nature’s Classroom: A Day of Growth and Learning!

Our Grade 1 & 2 children from SSVM™ School of Excellence on an enchanting journey of experiential learning at the nursery garden!

Amidst the vibrant blooms and greenery, our curious young explorers delved into the world of plants, discovering different types of flora and their unique characteristics. They touched, smelled, and observed with awe, soaking in the wonders of nature firsthand!

In the nurturing embrace of the nursery, our budding botanists engaged in their activity sheets, reflecting upon their learnings right where they bloomed. Engaging in this reflective process, they deepened their understanding and appreciation for the green world around us!

We are proud to nurture a spirit of curiosity and hands-on learning in our students, empowering them to explore, grow, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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