Higher Education & Career Guidance

Choosing an ideal career path is fundamentally important in the secondary years at SSVM School of Excellence.

With an increasing number of choices for tertiary or higher education pathways we have collaborated with CIALFO to provide career guidance for students.

To assist with Careers information and advice, CIALFO, a comprehensive career guidance and higher education counselling programme at SSVM School of Excellence, empowers the students to access the latest admissions and programme information on colleges and universities across the globe from countries including India, Canada, the USA, UK, etc.

Learning how to manage your choice of higher education and career is a lifelong process that needs to start early on in school. At SSVM School of Excellence, our strong provision of careers and higher education advice is based on a combination of career professionals and on-campus events.

  • Speaker sessions by inspiring guest lecturers who are experts in their fields.
  • Visits from foreign and local university representatives and admissions tutors.
  • Overseas education trips to enrich students’ knowledge of their preferred courses
  • On-going support from teachers, professional advisors, and successful alumni from SSVM Institutions

Teachers will do their best to support the progression of our students and work with career counsellors to open exciting learning opportunities. Our pupils from the School of Excellence will go on to a wide variety of university courses and careers spanning Medicine, Engineering, Law, and Sciences to Business as well as Fine Arts and Humanities. Here at SSVM School of Excellence, we believe higher education and career guidance is at the heart of education and not an afterthought.

Mr Krishnan Kutty,
Career Guidance Advisor
SSVM Institutions

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