Parenting is never easy. For most parents, it’s a tough journey with unexpected twists and turns. And like any parent, you want to make sure your children receive only the best in the world, including their education. Choosing one of Coimbatore’s best schools with the CBSE curriculum, like SSVM School of Excellence, is a great first step.

However, a truly enriching education goes beyond academics. At SSVM, we foster a supportive, holistic learning environment that prioritizes your child’s emotional well-being alongside academic excellence. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to prioritize academic achievement over emotional health. We believe a well-rounded education empowers children to thrive in both areas.

That’s why we promote and apply holistic learning principles that nurture intellectual growth without compromising mental well-being.  We also encourage parents like you to explore mindful parenting practices so your child can continue to flourish emotionally at home. Together, we can create a nurturing environment that sets your child up for success in all aspects of life.

Understanding mindful parenting

Mindful parenting focuses on attentiveness, being present to your child, and having intentional awareness. Practicing this allows you to support your child’s mental health in a way that encourages them to learn to regulate their emotions. Plus, it makes you helpful in teaching them to develop a positive outlook in life, which can help them do well as they go to Coimbatore’s best schools with the CBSE curriculum.

As a mindful parent, you can establish a stronger bond with your child as you help them become emotionally strong. According to research, children who are cared for by mindful parents are less stressed, depressed, anxious, or hyperactive. Moreover, they are less prone to behavioral problems and have better cognitive control, which improves their academic performance.

How to be a mindful parent

Are you sending your child to one of Coimbatore’s best schools with the CBSE curriculum? Here at SSVM School of Excellence, our educators can work with you to establish mindful parenting practices. But what exactly is a mindful parent? An example would be those who pause before reacting when their child is upset or frustrated. Moreover, they show empathy while being attentive to their kids during conversations.

Mindful parenting can start at home by establishing quality time with your children without distractions. Moreover, encourage your child to communicate their struggles and concerns with you without invalidating them. It also helps to know how to handle your child’s difficult behavior positively so you can help them grow into emotionally resilient individuals.

Tips to be a mindful parent

Here at SSVM School of Excellence, we are proud to be among the Coimbatore best schools with the CBSE curriculum where both students and parents can thrive. Our teachers can also support you in your quest to become a mindful parent.

As you may already know, mindful parenting means being non-judgemental, attentive, and present when communicating and interacting with your children. It’s about observing their behavior and acknowledging their feelings without reacting negatively or impulsively. If you need a push, here are some tips to improve your mindful parenting skills:

  • Avoid distractions to remain fully engaged when spending quality time with your child. This means not using laptops, phones, and other things that can preoccupy your attention.
  • Prioritize active listening when they have something to say.
  • When your child is being difficult, take a moment to calm down and breathe before addressing their behavior.
  • Stay empathetic and patient with your child, especially when they are going through difficult moments.
  • Stay focused on the present instead of thinking about the future or past.

Try to incorporate these tips into the daily interactions with your child so you can connect deeply with them and foster their emotional development. With mindful parenting, your child can focus better in school, feel less anxious, and regulate their emotions well.

If you’re looking for Coimbatore’s best schools offering holistic CBSE education, look no further. Enrol your child here at SSVM School of Excellence. Contact us to learn about our academic programs and admissions.



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