English is the universal language that is spoken by over 1.13 billion native and non-speakers around the world. The top best schools in Coimbatore also teach English as part of their curriculum. With a good grasp of English, their students can take advantage of numerous educational, career, and travel opportunities.

So, what are some ways to help your child learn the language effectively?

  • Read

It sounds simple, but reading is one of the most efficient ways to master English. The key is to be consistent, reading at least five pages a day until you’re ready to increase the difficulty.

Plus, you don’t always need to buy a book to perfect English. Just keep reading, whether it’s a foreign film with subtitles, your social media feed, or your favourite blogger’s website.

  • Take note of new words.

Has your child come across an unfamiliar word in a book? Ask them to highlight or write it down and search for its meaning. This exercise can greatly improve their vocabulary, and it’s very accessible. You can even download a dictionary app to take note of a word’s definition and synonyms on the go.

  • Spend downtime with English

Active learning is the best way to learn English, but it’s not your only option. If your child wants to take a break but still polish their skills, why not let them pass the time with English vlogs or podcasts? This way, they’ll grow more familiar with how native speakers pronounce certain words and build sentences.

  • Take tests

Think your child has studied English enough? It’s time to test their skills! Several English tests are available for free online, assessing one’s understanding of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and more.

The top best schools in Coimbatore also offer the Cambridge Assessment English programme, which helps students improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking capabilities.

  • Visit an English-speaking country.

What better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself in it? Visiting an English-speaking country encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and navigate a city based on English signs and instructions.

Top schools in Coimbatore also offer international opportunities for students, such as summer school programmes and MUN conferences.

  • Talk to English speakers.

Don’t be afraid to approach a native speaker while you’re visiting their country! Many speakers would be delighted to help you, and you’ll get to test your skills in the real world.

If travelling is not an option, you can find native English speakers online and share a conversation in full English.

  • Learn with friends

Is talking to strangers too big of a challenge? Don’t worry—you can start with your friends instead. For instance, if your child is taking an English class with their schoolmates, why not encourage them to organise a group study session for the next big test?

  • Play games

Too tired to read? Your child can have more fun with language-learning games. Scrabble is a classic example of a game that helps improve one’s spelling and vocabulary. Hangman is also a great game to boost their communication skills.

  • Use translators sparingly

Machine translators offer a quick and easy way for someone to translate their native language into English. But be warned—these tools are not always accurate. If your child plans to translate longer, more complex sentences, it’s best to consult their teacher or find help from native speakers online.

  • Keep practising!

English is one of the hardest languages to learn due to its confusing grammar rules and the words that are difficult to pronounce. So, it’s natural for your child to feel a little down when they have trouble sentence-building or conjugating verbs.

However, don’t let a small moment of defeat stop them from learning English. Remind them that they make progress every day—it doesn’t matter how big or small the achievement is.

Want your child to become fluent in English? Enrol them in the top best schools in Coimbatore, offering a CBSE curriculum and a Cambridge Assessment English programme!



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