Does your child have a disability? It shouldn’t stand in the way of accessing top-notch education that empowers them to succeed and achieve maximum independence. However, it’s crucial to find an inclusive learning environment where they are supported and motivated to reach their potential. SSVM School of Excellence ranks among Coimbatore’s best schools following the CBSE curriculum, welcoming students of all abilities with open arms.

Our school has accessible facilities that allow students with disabilities to be as independent as possible. Plus, we carefully select our educators to ensure they have the knowledge, capabilities, and patience to work with any student. In particular, our physical education (PE) teachers are trained to work with all students and promote an inclusive learning environment to bring a fun and positive experience.

But what makes an inclusive PE class? Firstly, it means all students are included, even those with a physical or mental disability. An inclusive physical education class involves these students and provides the right accommodations and support to promote success. Additionally, it ensures everyone is safe to participate in a general PE session.

Benefiting all students

Here at SSVM School of Excellence, we pride ourselves among the Coimbatore best schools under the CBSE curriculum for the inclusive education we offer to all students. Our physical education classes can teach them valuable social schools while they play and work with others. Meanwhile, all students learn to behave appropriately from their peers, whether they are dealing with a disability or not. Inclusive PE classes also provide equal opportunities for everyone to join age-appropriate physical activities to gain a better sense of self, more confidence, and the drive to achieve more.

Ways to break down barriers

SSVM School of Excellence stands out among the best schools in Coimbatore under the CBSE curriculum. Our physical education classes are designed to foster valuable social skills as students interact and collaborate with one another. These inclusive PE sessions ensure that every student, regardless of their abilities, can participate in age-appropriate physical activities. This not only helps build a stronger sense of self and boosts confidence but also ignites the ambition to achieve more. Students learn appropriate behaviour and social interactions from their peers through such an environment. This ultimately creates a supportive and empowering community for everyone.

Encouraging openness

Our PE teachers are open about inclusion to all students. They have an honest conversation about etiquette and expectations and address concerns. Ultimately, they help students understand that everyone may be different, but they still have rights and needs.

Acknowledging everyone

Our PE teachers take the time to know every student, including their challenges, strengths, and abilities, instead of assuming their capabilities based on their disabilities. By identifying each student’s learning requirements, the teacher can apply specific teaching strategies that can work for them and offer a more personalised way to learn.

Using the right language

We use ‘people-first’ language, meaning we acknowledge the individual before their disability to encourage mutual respect. For instance, instead of saying, “An autistic student,” we say, “My student with autism.”

Up-to-date knowledge

We keep up with Coimbatore’s best CBSE schools by providing opportunities for our teachers to update their knowledge and credentials. Our physical education teachers work closely with specialists with more education or experience in students with disabilities to become more effective at engaging every learner in class.

Modify activities

Our teachers engage students to help them adapt to activities. Moreover, they provide clear instructions and introduce resources when needed, such as demonstrations and drawings. At times, they will modify activities, remove time limits, and ask other students to assist.

Barrier-free education for everyone

Learn more about our PE classes at SSVM School of Excellence by contacting us today. In our school, we believe your child is an enthusiastic learner keen to succeed, and we’re here to help them with that.



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