According to Indian Constitution, free and compulsory education is a fundamental right. This is applicable to children between 6yrs and 14yrs of age.

If you see the education system in India, it is classified into 2 main categories: Public and Private.

Do you know? The approximate ratio of public to private schools is 7:5. And at approx. 75% of the people aged 7 to 10 years are literate. That’s good news!

This shows that India is slowly advancing in the quality of education provided to her people. That being said, most of the scientific discoveries and research, has been credited to various public institutions. 

That is why parents are fond of CBSE Schools all over India. And South India having its significance in almost all aspects is known to take a  dynamic approach to standard education.

Coimbatore has got a rich historical heritage and was ranked the best emerging city in India by India Today in 2014. It is also the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu. 

That being said, there is no doubt that a lot of famous CBSE Schools in Coimbatore spark big dreams in parents. A good example being the SSVM School of Excellence, a famous CBSE school in Coimbatore.

SSVM School of Excellence - CBSE School in Coimbatore

People of Coimbatore are proud of the fact that the city has been selected to be developed as a smart city for Smart Cities Vision by PM Narendra Modi. Adding to the fact, it is one of the safest cities for women according to the NCRB report in 2015.

This evidence strongly works in favor of CBSE Schools to prosper.


The main advantage Coimbatore has is in terms of industrialization and geographical location. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats and Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve thus creating a pleasant climate throughout the year. 

Therefore, the city has good access to natural tourist sites due to its location in the Biodiversity hotspot. This makes the city flourish with natural flora and fauna. 

It’s natural wetlands harbors around 116 species of birds as a whole. 66 of the 116 are residents, 17 are migratory and 33 are local migrants’ birds.

Wondering why this information is relevant for knowing about schools in Coimbatore?

Having a rich habitation of animals and birds in the locality is an excellent choice for school excursions and study field trips. Thus, the best school in Coimbatore such as SSVMSE has taken advantage of it. 

Kids at the school experience a change in the environment more often than required. This recharges kids and enables them to naturally build focus on their everyday activities with ease. 

Having nature to reboot our kids is a blessing for their mental and physical well-being. Also, more kids that experience one-on-one time with nature bring out their inner abilities quite quickly.

Kids thus, grow up to be well-balanced, disciplined and tend to fit into many roles in society. 

Some schools may be nearby the hilly areas that turn out to provide that additional dose of nature. Others, tend to be located in and around the main city limit which provides ease of traveling.

You can decide on which location your kid is more likely inclined to and start the school search in that location. 

SSVM School of Excellence, best known CBSE school in Coimbatore, located in Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore which is a very naturistic location. The campus is extravagant with trees, plants, birds and other natural vegetation surrounding the area. 

The school infrastructure is another aspect to marvel at. Openly lit classrooms, colorful corridors, it’s a beautiful sight to immerse oneself in.

The school also has access to the railway station, airport, bus station, and other transport facilities. Districts that are nearby to Uppilipalayam are Tiruppur, Palakkad, Nilgiris, and Erode. 

 This natural setting is an excellent choice for your kids to live and learn freely without any restrictions. 


Yes, almost all CBSE schools in Coimbatore are affiliated with the central government and run on a collaborative effort. However, the choice of implementation of the CBSE curriculum is left solely to the management.  

That is where the differentiation with CBSE schools occurs. 

SSVMSE tend to stand out in their vision and approach to the entire learning and teaching concept. 

The reason why we are the top CBSE School in Coimbatore is due to this inbuilt culture. At SSVMSE, a teacher doesn’t teach all the time and a student doesn’t learn all the time. Here, the role tends to interchange between the educator and the learner. 

Students are happily encouraged to show off their knowledge at any time. Teachers welcome the challenges their students present, all in the spirit of learning.

Because, at SSVMSE, we believe learning and teaching are for all. One learns where one least expects. 

We also have a continuous assessment grading system that analyses students in all aspects. True, academics and subject knowledge are essential to specialize in one’s career. But a kid’s general knowledge, emotional stability, and other skills are equally essential to living a holistic life.

Therefore, we promote the concept of work-life balance at an early age so kids develop a better ability to tackle life efficiently.



The word says it all. It is the process of acquiring knowledge through the creative process. In other words, formulating concepts, stories, mind maps that enable one to easily remember and recollect. This is direct opposition to simple repetitions aka memorizations. 

The aim is to foster involvement in what the kids do. And their mind will do the rest. It is a scientifically proven fact that involvement leads to absorbing, retaining and recall of information.

The idea is to develop a liking for what the kids do. Once they have that hunger for knowing more, it is easier for them to understand what they learn. 

Kids are gently probed with questions that make them think and guess the idea behind a process. Or they are asked to share their observations so the teachers are able to gather insights into a kid’s mental ability. 

CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

Making use of kids’ imaginative powers is a pure advantage as kids are highly pictorial in nature. Lots of games, fun activities take place inside the classroom to stimulate their improvisation ability.

The analogy is another concept we often use along with counterfactual thinking. In other words, asking kids to consider changes in history for a change in the future.

 We also impose simple constraints to stimulate their problem solving and decision-making abilities.

Another way of indulging the kids in creative learning is through experiments. We turn the classrooms into a living lab. We allow kids to try on new things, make models of chapters and many more. This enables them to build their team co-ordination.

This approach gives kids more time to be on their own, thus learning to discover new abilities and enjoy their own company. 


“Individually we are one drop. Together we are one ocean.”

That is the power of purposeful collaboration and commitment. 

We aim to inspire great teamwork that gives incredible results. As we human beings are social animals, working together is essential in almost all spheres of life. 

As one person, we have limited potential to grow. But with a team, the possibility to grow is limitless. 

We employ interactive team teaching, rotational format teaching, team coordination and participant-observer team teaching to let everyone involve in the learning process.

Therefore, Team-Teaching is an integral part of our teaching. With teamwork, we build kids’ ability to work toward a common vision. 

This exercise will actively show where the student belongs in a team. So, we can best harness it to help them express themselves freely. 


Apart from curriculum-based concepts, we love to indulge our kids in evolving technologies. Allowing students, access to these smart technologies is extra beneficial as techs are becoming today’s norm. It is important to stay up-to-date.

We let our students learn about a variety of courses like 3D animation, aeromodelling, first in math American online program, journalism, language lab, mobile app, robotics, and web designing.

Some of them are explained below:


In the 3D animation course, kids learn the basics of animation, multimedia, and gaming. They are also taught basics of hardware and software, visual arts, drawing and animation concepts. 


Aeromodelling is the process of designing, developing and flying of small air vehicles. It is an exciting arena that stimulates innovative thinking. Kids get to build and fly model airplanes, gliders, boomerangs and Paper Planes, birds, drones, etc. 

This course sets the foundation for the roles that require high engineering skills. 

This Aeromodelling course is designed for students of grade 6th  to 10th.


Kids who have freedom of expression via words and speech take this space to enhance this unique ability. They start to learn with the fundamentals and history of journalism. 

Later, they move on to the importance of language, laws and the Indian constitution. They are also taught to create reports and media management. 


Web Designing is one of the most preferred skills in the industry as of today. Web designing is the first level of creating a website. This requires one to have graphic skills and software skills like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 


The tremendous change that is taking place in our country has kept us modify the way we learn, teach and get educated. Children no longer have only one access to one medium of getting educated via books. 

They have the giant web of the virtual world that keeps them on the current happenings up-to-date. 

Thus, SSVMSE, topmost CBSE school in Coimbatore, has taken this approach to integrate demanding fields as a part of the curriculum. What a smart move.



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