Should I consider attending an NIOS school near me? Before doing that, it’s important to understand the goals and benefits of NIOS or the National Institute of Open Schooling.

Formerly known as National Open School, NIOS is the board of education of the Union Government of India. It was established in 1989 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It aims to increase literacy and cater to the needs of learners up to pre-degree level through a flexible learning style!

 The NIOS in Coimbatore provides a wide range of programmes and courses, namely:

  • OBE ‘A’ Level course – Equivalent to class III
  • OBE ‘B’ Level course – Equivalent to class V
  • OBE ‘C’ Level course – Equivalent to class VIII
  • Secondary Education Course
  • Senior Secondary Education Course
  • Vocational Education Courses/Programmes
  • Life Enrichment Programmes

NIOS is an independent system that has its own curriculum. It conducts examinations for secondary and senior secondary just like with other boards such as CBSE and CISCE. Currently, it is considered the largest open schooling system in the world, enrolling about 350,000 students annually.

NIOS in Coimbatore partner with different schools to give interested learners the opportunity to experience these benefits:

A higher chance of acing exams

Student readiness impacts student performance. The more mentally and physically prepared a student is, the higher their chances of acing their examinations. This is one of the differences between NIOS in Coimbatore and other boards. It allows the students to take examinations on their preferred time. They can choose to take the exam when they are completely ready for it.

Enhance performance

In NIOS, students are allowed to take exams repeatedly until they pass. There is no limitation to the number of times they can retake it.

Reduce stress and increase motivation

It’s no secret that conventional board examinations are the main sources of stress and anxiety of students. In NIOS, students are allowed to take subjects that they are confident about. Because of this, they can feel more motivated and surer about their success in the examinations.




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