One of the common misconceptions about creativity is that it’s only important in the field of arts. This is not true. Creativity is not just about being able to colour, draw, paint, or sculpt—it’s a way of thinking and a process. It’s a skill that every child needs, even if they are not planning to study an arts-related course or venture into a STEM-related field. In fact, children who embrace it at a young age (and are encouraged to do so) fare better in school and their personal lives. Creative students are also more comfortable and confident with self-expression and coming up with original ideas.

As you plan your child’s education for 2024-25, consider enrolling them in the best school in Coimbatore where they can be creative. Find an educational environment that will help them persevere and succeed in various areas as they learn to express themselves, discover novel ideas, and apply alternative solutions to complex problems.

How effective is creativity in the classroom?

This research by Gallup found that classrooms with more emphasis on transformative technology and creativity helped students become better in the following areas:

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Comprehension
  • Retaining information
  • Acing standardised tests
  • Making connections between different subjects

Creative learners find academic and non-academic tasks more stimulating, energising, and engaging. This is why the best school in Coimbatore offers learning activities that promote creative thinking. Over time, this will help your child improve their focus and satisfaction while learning, not just for the 2024-25 academic year but for any upcoming study.

How schools encourage creativity in the classroom

The best school in Coimbatore hires only the most competent, highly trained, and qualified educators who know how to implement the latest teaching techniques. These teachers understand how to infuse their classroom environment with more creative activities, such as music.

According to the founder of Musician Tuts, music-related activities are great for sparking excitement and creativity, no matter the student’s age. Teachers can encourage students to write songs or make their own tunes to memorise an equation or a formula.

Creative activities in the classroom might seem mundane and might not show obvious results. However, they still help your child in many surprising ways. The best school in Coimbatore offers a learning environment that makes students become better learners who can solve problems, think critically, and innovate so they can continue to succeed, even outside the classroom.

More ways to unleash creativity in the classroom

Are you still choosing a school for the 2024-25 academic year? Take some time to learn about the classroom environment and the teacher’s capabilities. Here are some elements that allow students to be more creative in their classrooms:

A flexible classroom layout

This allows students to form groups or pairs or seat themselves in ways that encourage them to make presentations and actively participate in discussions. Collaborative learning layouts promote the flow of creativity in classrooms while accommodating various learning styles.

Themed classrooms

One of the ways to make learning more immersive is by having a themed classroom. Teachers do this by allowing students to decorate the bulletin board, whiteboard or blackboard, walls, and door. They could even change themes every month or semester to keep things interesting.

Taking classes outside

Modern educators understand the importance of learning outside the classroom. As long as the weather is great, teachers can hold classes outdoors and organise exploratory and active tasks students cannot do indoors, such as planting a vegetable garden or observing insects.

Discover the best school for your child in Coimbatore.

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