There’s no need for a student to spend all of their time studying. Play is just as important as work, especially for younger kids. This is why the top best schools in Coimbatore, including SSVMSE, offer sports education programs to ensure that their students receive a well-rounded educational experience.

Sports are more than just physical activities. Basketball, volleyball, running, and other games can help your child stay healthy and fit, improving their cardiovascular fitness and reducing blood sugar levels. Moreover, sports are an excellent way to develop a child’s leadership skills, emotional wellness, and social abilities.

How to find the top best schools in Coimbatore with excellent sports education this 2023-24

  • Find the right sport for your child.

There are dozens of sports your child can participate in, each offering different benefits. So, how do you know which one is best for them? Ultimately, it comes down to their preferences.

For example, if your child prefers doing activities alone, they might enjoy an individual sport like badminton or martial arts. If your kid loves playing with friends, team sports such as basketball and volleyball are much better options.

  • Consider the school’s curriculum.

If you want your child to participate in sports, you should anticipate that they’ll feel burnt out from all the things they need to do in school. Because of this, you must consider choosing a school that offers a well-balanced curriculum, giving students time to enjoy their interests without sacrificing their academic performance.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most well-rounded school programmes in India. In addition to its rigorous academic standards, the CBSE focuses heavily on overall growth, encouraging kids to explore their passions and develop various skills.

  • Get to know the sports programmes offered by the school.

Do you have a list of potential CBSE schools in Coimbatore? Now, it’s time for you to look into their sports programmes. Most schools will offer popular sports such as basketball and volleyball; however, you may also find institutions with more specialised activities, such as taekwondo, archery, ice skating, and handball.

You should also check how a school handles its sports programmes. For example, do they let students freely play their preferred sport? Or do they take a more structured approach, offering professional coaching for various disciplines? If your child is considering a professional career in their chosen sport, the latter type of school might be your best option.

  • Check out the school’s facilities.

What good are sports if they can’t be played in a safe environment? A good school must also provide the necessary facilities for students to enjoy their chosen sport, whether it’s an indoor basketball court or a large open field for soccer and track. In addition, they must have the proper equipment available, such as nets, balls, and lockers.

As a parent, you should also ensure that your child has the right gear for the sport they are playing. For instance, if your little one wants to join the volleyball team, you should prepare safety gear such as volleyball braces, sleeves, pads, and shoes with gum rubber soles.

  • Speak to the teachers.

Lastly, don’t forget to speak to the school’s teachers. You should get to know how they feel about their students playing sports—if they are supportive or if they feel like it’s a hindrance to their classes.

It’s always best to go for a school that fosters a healthy learning environment for its kids, led by teachers who encourage students to be the best at what they choose to do.

Looking for a school for your child this 2023-24? Enrol them in the top best school in Coimbatore with an excellent academic and extra-curricular programme, like SSVMSE, so that your child can grow into a well-rounded and confident individual.



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