Some parents and adults make the mistake of treating their children like delicate things. However, kids won’t stay babies and young forever. They will mature into adults someday. Parents are responsible for teaching them essential life skills and encouraging them to be independent, especially when attending the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

Top CBSE schools in Coimbatore will support your children and encourage them to be independent and capable of thinking and acting for themselves. You can support the school’s efforts to teach your kids by ensuring they know how to do certain things by the time they reach a certain age.

Adolescent or middle school children are around 11 to 14 years of age. They can thrive and do better in school, make friends, and become independent when they can do most of these things:

  1. Waking up and preparing for school by themselves

If you still wake them up for school and prepare their clothes, it’s time to make changes to their daily habits. Make it their responsibility to set the alarm, pick out their clothes, and wash.

  1. Make a quick and simple breakfast

Your kids can thrive better in the good schools in Coimbatore when they don’t go in hungry. However, you don’t have to keep making breakfast for them. Middle school kids can make their own breakfast, especially simple ones involving bread, cereal, and frozen waffles. You could also teach your kids to cook eggs and pancakes.

  1. Prepare their own lunch

The best CBSE schools in Coimbatore have high-quality cafeterias that serve good and nutritionally balanced food. However, if your kids prefer to bring their lunch, make sure they can prepare it themselves. That way, they can also understand the importance of not wasting food and have more control over what they eat.

  1. Go to school by themselves

By middle school, kids should be able to commute or ride the bus to school by themselves. Top CBSE schools in Coimbatore may have buses, but you can still encourage independence by not being in charge of reminding them of the things they must do or bring to school. Your kids should be old enough to keep track of everything themselves.

  1. Do their homework

Set a routine and a place for doing homework, but be there when they need help or have questions. Just avoid doing everything yourself, so your kids are encouraged to think and do things by themselves. Reassure them that they can do it alone.

  1. Pick their extra-curricular activities and electives

Some parents dictate what their kids should do in school, including extra-curricular activities. However, middle school kids likely have their interests, which you should encourage. Otherwise, urge them to try new things and do the activities they enjoy.

  1. Cook and clean

Middle school kids may be busy with homework and other activities, especially when they go to good schools in Coimbatore. However, you should still set some time for them to do some cooking and cleaning at home. Getting them involved in daily chores can help them learn time management and motivate them to finish their homework on time so that they can help in the household.

  1. Handle money

Teach your middle school kids to handle their finances and help them learn the importance of saving up. Good financial habits can go a long way, especially when they attend university and become full adults.

  1. Communicate effectively

Some kids may be shy or introverted, but by middle school, they should know how to communicate well with others. Communication skills are essential in life, so support your kids by encouraging them to interact with others and asking questions when something isn’t clear.

  1. Get around without you

Make sure your middle school children know how to get around by themselves. That means knowing how to find their way home or to their school using public transportation or on foot.

Teach these things to your kids and set expectations as they enter middle school, so they can master them and become more self-sufficient when they go to high school. Your kids can be more confident to expand their world and take on more opportunities when they know they can do things themselves.



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