Discussing future careers with your teenage child can be tough. Most teens just want to enjoy their youth and can’t be bothered to think about what profession they may pursue later on. So how do you encourage them to start thinking about their future? Here are some helpful tips for parents:

  • Please don’t confuse your goals for theirs

First and foremost, don’t treat your child as an extension of yourself. Your child is their own person, and you shouldn’t force them to choose a career because of a missed opportunity. In addition, don’t discourage them from pursuing a field due to your misconceptions.

  • Explore different activities

The best and most enjoyable way to help your child find a career path is to let them explore. Enrolling them in a good CBSE school is a must—these institutions will build a solid foundation for your child’s technical skills and subject expertise.

Moreover, allow them to participate in school activities, such as sports, drama club, music class, and painting. This way, your child can discover which activities pique their interest while connecting with students who share the same passion.

Outside of school, you can also enrol your kids in piano classes, take them to a museum, or even go on a family camping trip.

  • Figure out their strengths

So, now that your kid has a lot of experience under their belt, what’s next? It’s time for you to see how well they performed in different activities. For instance, your child could be incredibly artistic, creating paintings that wow their instructor. Or they could have a knack for numbers, excelling in their Maths and Science classes. Once your adolescent has identified their interests and strengths, you can help them narrow down their career choice by exploring options in more detail. You can also visit a career counsellor to analyse your child’s strengths more objectively.

  • Avoid forcing your child into a box.

Take note that your child’s strengths do not always have to dictate their path. Remember: your little one is still young, and they have plenty of time to develop new skills or discover new passions.

So, for example, if at age 11 your child struggles with language, it doesn’t mean you have to rule out a career in Communication immediately. Instead, why not think about how your child can contribute to the field with their existing strengths?

  • Set a good example

Even if you don’t have plans for your child to follow in your footsteps, it’s still essential to set a good example. Let them see that you enjoy your work and that you still find time to balance a career and a family.

Plus, if you work from home, now’s your chance to let your child see how skills like focusing, time management, and organisation are essential parts of the job.

  • Find a mentor

Kids tend to require a lot of guidance, and as a parent, you may not have the time or the expertise to help them get a head-start on their careers.

Luckily, good CBSE schools in Coimbatore offer career guidance programmes for students, providing ongoing support from teachers, professional advisors, and alumnae. Additionally, these schools invite guest lecturers and university representatives to increase your child’s prospects.

  • Build a support system

Adults can only do so much for a child. What’s even more important is that your little one has a strong support system made up of kids their age, giving them someone more relatable to talk to.

A sound support system can come from anywhere, whether it’s composed of your child’s schoolmates or their sports teammates.

  • Be patient

Finally, give your child time to grow. Thinking about what may happen in the next ten years will only prevent you from making a supportive decision and make your child feel controlled. So instead, be patient and encouraging, and give them advice when the moment calls for it.

Let your child explore their options and increase their opportunities in a good CBSE school 2023-24 in Coimbatore now!



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