Holistic Development

SSVM School of Excellence is one of the highest achieving schools in the country.

Holistic Development

Understanding concepts with ease and fun in a creative teaching style that is smart and innovative is what SSVM School of Excellence aims to fulfil. A creative learning style in class will persuade students to take ownership of their learning and help them progress further. For instance, students will have the experience of learning History by composing their own song or by creating a skit.

Children can enjoy learning every day by generating something creative for new and challenging topics in various subjects. In another example, neutrons and electrons in Science can become their friends as the junior students narrate their classmates’ stories. Math will be entertaining when they play games that challenge their analytical thinking.

Well-acclaimed activities such as Teach & Learn, Innovative Brainstorming, Edutainment, and Improv can deliberately give them opportunities to think effectively and efficiently within time constraints. While they relish their fun learning experience, teachers at the School of Excellence will ensure that students excel in their examinations by providing prodigious answers and insightful presentations.

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