Virtual Classrooms

The Virtual Learning School at the SSVM School of Excellence arose out of a prompt initiative to deliver highly-effective educational continuity for students in unprecedented circumstances.

From digital virtual classrooms to insightful webinars by eminent speakers, the school community's students, parents, and educators seamlessly transitioned to a digital experience.

Our latest Learning Managing Software and Digital conferencing software enabled the teachers and parents to interact conveniently at the click of a button. Our technical teams ensured that everyone had a smooth virtual schooling experience with continual upgrades to the systems. Apart from the core teaching and learning activities, the virtual platform at SSVM School of Excellence  is being effectively used to conduct orientation for students, teachers and parents, student-parent-teacher meetings, and other interactions.

We made sure to choose a robust, safe and secure platform while being thoughtful of the educational philosophy and practices of the school.

 Students have conveniently transitioned to this new mode of learning and parents have made encouraging comments since our initiation. The updated digital technology inculcated programmes provide students with knowledge and skills to effectively and meaningfully use education-focused features and  tools.


With safety and security as our ultimate priority, the virtual schooling experience at SSVM School of Excellence was designed to provide various levels of compliance checks. Our digital-savvy educators and the technical support teams have thought through every measure for allowing students to log in to their virtual classrooms safely and securely. Our teachers have designed the lessons to be interactive, with regular intervals for supporting the health and well-being of the child. Moreover, the SSVM School of Excellence teachers utilises the best practices of integrating digital technology in pedagogical activities such as interactive web applications, virtual labs, and smart devices to engage students in a changing world.

  • Remote Online Proctored Examination
  • Latest Learning Management System
  • Parent Portals

The holistic development of students is also facilitated through a wide range of online activities, including drama, music, art, yoga, ICT, and cookery classes, which help maintain their physical fitness and mental well-being and enrich their abilities. Learning thus becomes autonomous, bold, empowered, and our learners take responsibility for their education and career.

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