Blended Learning Classrooms

SSVM™ School of Excellence purveys a high-quality education system that is a blend of conventional and modern technologies.

Our Campus facilitates the best practices of 'Blending Learning' through a thoughtfully designed pedagogical approach.

In ternational CBSE School in Coimbatore

The integration of digital technologies and digital applications in the interactive LED boards is perfectly accomplished to enhance the academic learning outcomes of students at our Campus.

SSVM™ School of Excellence classes support students’ mental, physical, and social well-being and promote the best learner-centred educational practices. Through numerous opportunities, students develop social awareness and demonstrate their ability to master and apply appropriate strategies as part of their academic curriculum with specially crafted schedules that serve with required breaks to ensure that students avoid screen time for too long.

The SSVM™ School of Excellence teachers create high-quality lessons through videos, creative tasks, activities, assignments, projects, and materials to provide students with a blended learning experience every day – a combination of synchronous instruction and personalised feedback, asynchronous learning, and daily assessments. Students have access to a huge collection of digital content to reinforce their learning, curated and placed by our teachers. Learning thus becomes autonomous, bold, empowered, and our learners take responsibility for their education and career.

  • Technology-enabled Personalised Learning
  • Experiential Learning using Advanced Pedagogical Techniques
  • Expansive Curriculum for Global Preparedness
  • Learner-Centred Approach 
  • Safe & Developmentally Appropriate Approach
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